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Caught Daydreaming

Spring 2024

Caught Daydreaming’ mini art-series is a mixed media collection driven by observation of natural light and peaceful outdoor experiences. It was primarily influenced by the way I encounter the world sensually, through the exploration of the unknown and yet familiar feelings of hope for a fresh start, peaceful joy and desire to see light in everything. In this collection for the first time I added the embroidery to my technique, while exploring the boundaries between visual and tactile, and the way it affects our perception and grabs attention.


Many seasons as well as many trials and errors into making, only 4 pieces made the cut for the 'Caught Daydreaming' mini-series, inspired by the art of deep breathing, the concept of 'little life' and silent observation of surroundings. Sometimes it is vital to slow down and just breathe, what might lead to... daydreaming? 


So much joy went along with creating this mini-series! These pieces are truly special for me, and I hope each artwork brings as much fun and joy to your home as it did to me in the process of creation:) Enjoy!


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