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Dasha is a Russian multi-media artist, currently based in Maryland, US. She is a part-time abstract artist, and a full-time designer and illustrator, balancing out two of her main passions - design and painting.

My Story


Dasha grew up in Togliatti, Russia, where she spent a lot of her free time outside & in the garden. Every summer she would spend in a small village in Ukraine, 1 on 1 with nature, so there's no surprise that all things organic and the beauty of nature remained the main subjects of her work. She started painting at the age of 5, which was followed by a part-time art school, then 2 years of Academic Art training in Moscow, and to top it off - a BFA in Illustration at MICA in Baltimore, MD.

After she graduated, she was working as a Packaging Designer, followed by her current position as a Digital Designer for a media company in NYC. For her full-time job, she does a lot of editorial + graphic design work, however after hours her painting journey begins.

Dasha's painting career has transitioned drastically, it's incredible how different the journey is for each and everyone of us. Dasha has many interests in different art fields, and she has experimented a lot through the years, sort of jumping from one passion to another. Her interest in abstraction began not so long ago. After seeing a few artists on social media, she became inspired to pursue abstraction as a way of storytelling, and she is still figuring it all out, as it all is new to her. She's really hoping that this passion would stick and guide her through her life, since a lot of work has already been put into it.

Dasha feels the greatest joy when her paintings find their new home, and she hopes they will bring as much joy and piece to their owners, as she felt while creating it. 

It's never easy to start a new life in a new country, and one thing that Dasha learned through the years is that the support of community is the most important thing, because it makes her feel like home. If you are reading all this, just know that Dasha is grateful that you are here, and your support means the world to her! Take care<3

Photography by Jennifer and Jane Peterson.



'Brand: New' group exhibition, Treat Gallery, NY


'Abstract' group exhibition, Part Crowd Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

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